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Smart tools and a flexible driver network to grow, optimize and manage your direct-to-consumer businesses

See what Portobel can do

CUSTOMER ACquisitionIncrease demand and improve delivery efficiency with Portobel’s hyper-local marketing toolset.
ORDER MANAGEMENTIntegrate your online store with Portobel to seemlessly stream orders into our pick n’ pack and route optimization flows.
Route optimizationPlan delivery routes for one or many vehicles with precise arrival estimates.
Pick n’ PackKeep the team on the same page with pack lists, customer receipts, labels and a mobile app for packing items -- all synced with your routing and dispatch plans.
DRIVER DISPATCHThe Portobel platform includes a ready-to-go driver network focused on quality and careful delivery of perishable goods.
DRIVERS ON DEMANDBuild your route and dispatch your own fleet, or price the route using Portobel’s vehicles and driver team.
With Portobel Plus, simply ship us your products and we’ll deliver perfection to the front door.
Portobel provides a turnkey, direct-to-consumer platform to fresh goods producers and wholesalers. Our mission is to connect producers directly to their end consumers and to provide a perfect last mile delivery experience by fulfilling every order with affordability, quality, and care.
What this means for you -- we get you up and running with an order management, packing and home delivery service that turns your wholesale operations into retail delivery experiences that delight customers.
Contact us to learn how we can support you with order management, picking and packing, and local delivery.

How it works

RECEIVEShortly before your orders are scheduled for delivery, we receive delivery of your goods at one of our processing hubs.
PACKPortobel retrieves your items from cold storage and packs individual orders. We use insulated bags and can include ice for items that need to stay extra cold on route.
DELIVEROur platform smartly routes your orders to ensure maximum efficiency within our driver network. You and your customers receive status updates along the way.
We’re cold-chain experts. Track your fleet with Portobel Celsius°
The Portobel Temp Tracker is built into every one of our delivery vehicles. With its months-long battery life and global cell connectivity, a Portobel tracker transmits detailed temperature and location data throughout your shipments’ entire journey in real time. When you work with Portobel, you can be sure that your perishible goods are handled correctly and delivered fresh.
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