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Real-time temperature, location and more for high-value perishable goods.

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TEMP + HUMIDITYYour Portobel device rides along with your shipment and logs temperature continually for up to three months
SHOCK EVENTSMeasure the vibrations and jostling of delivery items that may affect delivery quality.
TIP OVERMonitor major events that cause items to topple, and track right-side-up delivery.
ROUTE ANALYSISOur device’s global cell connectivity traces the actual route selected by your shipping partners.
REAL-TIME MONITORINGPortobel sensors transmit data to your online dashboard so you can watch for issues and take action right away
ALERTSGet notified of issues relating to temperature extremes and other issues as they happen.

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Introducing Portobel Celsius°

The Portobel Temp Tracker is dead simple to use -- just press a button and drop it in almost any shipment. The device is about the size of a credit card and a little more than a 1/4” thick. With its months-long battery life and global cell connectivity, a Portobel tracker transmits detailed temperature and location data throughout your shipments’ entire journey.

Temp tracker stats last 30 days

6,288Total tracking hours
116,404Total transit miles
37,728Transit events logged
38.1°CHottest temperature registered Shreveport, LA
-2.9°CColdest temperature registered I-80, Wyoming
72Temperature alerts sent
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