Fresh goods
delivered fresh
Temperature-monitored deliveries certified for quality and care
Portobel is the no-hassle solution for businesses of all sizes looking to scale their last mile operations.
Portobel offers a turnkey solution for companies looking to start, grow or outsource their last mile delivery service. From e-commerce integration for collecting and managing orders, to driver management, to friendly customer notifications and delivery tracking, Portobel’s on-demand fleet of vehicles enables world-class local delivery, route by route.
Our pay-as-you go pricing is dynamic and route-based. It’s like ordering an Uber or Lyft — but instead a delivery vehicle and Portobel driver arrive for your orders. When you plug into Portobel’s network of delivery professionals, you share the benefits of route density and efficiency across our network. As we add more stops to any route, the average cost per delivery on that route is reduced for everyone.
Our service includes to-the-minute arrival estimates, professional drivers and on-route notifications for your customers.

How it works

SCHEDULE AS NEEDEDSchedule a pickup by sending us your delivery addresses — or integrate your e-commerce platform to do it automatically.
PAY AS YOU GOPay the lowest available price for the length of your route. See your price come down as other businesses join with nearby deliveries.
DISPATCH THE PORTOBEL FLEETPortobel drivers always promise a best-in-class delivery experience for you and your customers.
We’re cold-chain experts. Track your deliveries with Portobel Celsius°
The Portobel Temp Tracker is built into every one of our delivery vehicles. With its months-long battery life and global cell connectivity, a Portobel tracker transmits detailed temperature and location data throughout your shipments’ entire journey in real time. When you work with Portobel, you can be sure that your perishable goods are handled correctly and delivered fresh.